The Walking Kind movement

“The Walking Kind” is a brand dedicated to creating a better
world for our children by inspiring and nurturing amazing role models. I believe the kindness, compassion, and movement have the power to transform lives and build a brighter future.
My collection of everyday accessories serves as gentle
reminders to be kind to yourself, enabling you to radiate kindness to others. From drink bottles to journals, lanyards to bags, each item is designed to inspire and encourage mindset and self-care and compassion in your daily life.
I strive to create a community of kind-hearted individuals
who are committed to making a real difference in the lives of those around them, through my brand, I aim to educate and empower this community through the values of compassion and movement, fostering mental resilience and promotion the importance of kindness.
“The Walking Kind” goes beyond being just a brand; it aims to ignite a kindness movement. I want to provide opportunities for my customers to actively spread kindness through my specially curated kindness bundles and gift packages, enabling them to extend their compassion to others in meaningful ways.
Join me in the journey of kindness, compassion, and movement as we work together to create a world where acts of goodwill are embraced and celebrated. Follow on Instagram and Facebook to share this message to stay updated on our latest initiatives, inspiring stories, and ways to make a difference.
Together, lets walk the path of kindness and inspire others
to join us spreading compassion and movement.
Join the movement